Cubase 9 elements midi loops and patterns.

Hi. I just got Cubase 9 elements. Probably what I love about Cubase is the availability of preset midi loops to provide single note or chord patterns that you can just drag and drop and start making music on the fly. much like a traditional keyboardist use a sequencer on their keyboard and using the preprogrammed style/rhythms to create music asap.

Anyway I was watching a chord track video on youtube here and can’t help to notice that somewhere near the end it shows that he has like 2000 plus count of presets of e.guitar. I think my Cubase elements has only about 100-200 preset showing next to the e.guitar name. How did he get so many midi loops for e.guitar. does it come with Cubase artist or pro? or did he purchase more somewhere? I want as many midi loops/patterns as I can if possibile. Thanks

how to get more midi loops to work with Cubase? do I get halion sonic 3 or absolute 3?