Cubase 9 Elements Won't Recognize Zoom R16 Interface

Hi all -

Some time ago, I updated my OS to Windows 10. It had been a while since I’d messed with my recording stuff, but when trying to come back to it recently, I’ve run into issues. After going through the headache of re-registering or re-activating all of my software, I thought I was good to go. My trusty Zoom R16 was the last piece to plug in and use upon firing up my newly downloaded version of Cubase 9 Elements.

From the get go, my Zoom R16 is simply not working with either Cubase or Windows 10. I’ve tried everything I could think of, including reinstalling the latest driver for Zoom (allegedly for Windows 10), updating all other drivers whether related or not via free driver update software, etc. I even turn off the wifi connection and disable my anti virus, as I’ve read that they can adversely affect DAW performance.

Two or three times now, out of dozens and dozens of attempts, they Zoom R16 HAS been recognized by Cubase as a connected device, but it comes at random. I cannot place what was done any differently for it to work at one random time. And without fail, once I quit that session and disconnect or power down, upon returning, it won’t work again.

Thus far, I’m thinking it’s the Zoom R16 that’s to blame, but I really don’t know. Is it an incompatibility issue with Windows 10? Is Cubase the one not playing nicely? Not sure. Numerous web searches indicate that it’s the Zoom and it’s failure to properly keep up with Windows 10. But if this is the case, I can’t seem to find a solution.

Coming to the trusty forums for any insight or thoughts. Thanks in advance.


Try to use ASIO4ALL driver.