Cubase 9 elicenser problem!!!

I bought yesterday upgrade from 8.5 to 9. I made normally upgrade . I have the licence on my elicenser key

I made maintenance, synchronizing , registered form open Cubase 9 but the licence is not on my mystenberg account still I can see onl yCubase 8.5
When I tried to put activation code there is written
But I simply used the activation code to my upgrade - I have license on my key, so how it is possible?
I tried to call to English support Steinberg but was busy for 20 min then I gave up.
Can anybody help me?

It’s been a common issue, there are plenty of open topics on the matter.
I had nearly the same issue as you are stating, the advice I was given was - Turn off my machine unplug /reinsert the USB, launch C9 upon restart… it worked!!

I couple of times unregistered and registered the key and with couple of maintenances and it is ok now .
I tried it on Apple and PC couple of restarts as well:)

Hi Boris,

I would say it’s related to this.

Yes, we have to sort an issue that was caused by the huge demand over the last almost 24 hours. The licenses shown in the eLicenser Control Center should soon be in sync with MySteinberg again.

Be patient, please.

Seems to be fixed now. :slight_smile: