Cubase 9 - Export Audio to MP4

Hi All

I’m a Cubase 9 user. Does anyone know whether it is possible export audio mixdown to MP4 format. I see options for MP3, WAV etc but no option for MP4. If this is not possible in Cubase what would be the best software to use to do this quickly and easily but maintaining the quality.

Many thanks


It might be due to AAC as the standard for audio streams in mp4. AAC is free to distribute with, but requires a license for use by device makers and software developers. Steinberg being a software developer might be the problem. There’s a similar issue with ffmpeg. Mac OS X apparently has a tool called afconvert that can get around the problem.

Thanks for your advice Colin.

I quite often use Lame to convert file formats. Although I’ve never used it for MP4 it can apparently do it according to their website. Also, I’ve wrapped up the encoding in a Post Processing script in Cubase so that when I export a WAV file I can also create an MP3 automatically, which I find quite useful.

Alternatively, you could use Audacity, but I believe this needs the ffmpeg library to do this type of conversion. I haven’t tried this either, never needed MP4 format.


I use VLC for audio conversion – it’s covered any format I’ve needed that might not have been supported by Cubase.