Cubase 9 faders

Hi guys
I’m in trouble with mixer faders!
I would like to have dB and graduation display on faders but impossible to find.
Who can give me the solution?
Thanks for support.

Generally speaking the channel volume notes what level the fader is set to, and the meters next to use show the audio levels. Can you please post a screen shot of what you are seeing in your Mixer currently? That will help us guide you based on the options you currently have selected. Thank you.

It might be possible that the “Channel Widths” are too narrow to show the dB markings. If so, widen them.

Regards :sunglasses:

That’s what I want

That’s what I have

As Prock said…You have to zoom the MixConsole fader width.

I will try and let you know. I use cubase since pro 24 and it’s the first time I have this issue!!
Thank you guys for your answers.

With the Mixer as your active window, press the H key to widen the tracks. Then you can see the dB listings for each delineation.

Thanks a lot. It works perfectly!

I wouldn’t mind if they still showed up for smaller widths. Too many things in Cubase hide while there’s still space.