Cubase 9 freeze not incorporating plugins

I have a drum track with about five or six plugins on it. To save CPU, I’m selecting FREEZE on the channel. Unfortunately, when I do, the track now sounds considerably darker / muffled. I believe that what I’m hearing is the drum track WITHOUT any of its plugins. In other words, the freeze does not seem to be freezing / taking into consideration the plugins. Anyone else experienced this?


Could you try to render the track in place?

Hi Martin
It may sound silly, but I’ve never actually used Render in Place. My assumption about Render In Place was that it was essentially “printing” the track – fx and automation included – which always sounded the same as exporting it. So instead, I’ve always just used FREEZE on the off-chance that I needed to unfreeze and adjust the settings again.

Anyhow, I rendered in place (the first time “using channel settings,” and the second using “full signal path”). Each time it created a new stereo track (though I’d prefer it be mono), and each time --> same result: the new track did not appear to be using the plugins. The new track was darker, more muffled.


Could you attach a screenshot of the MixConsole with Inserts and Routing tabs open?

I’ve narrowed it down to a specific plugin called Roth Air. It’s a free plugin.
Unfortunately, though it sounds wonderful in the mix, it seems incapable of rendering. So while it will play in Cubase if used as an insert, it won’t FREEZE, RENDER, or EXPORT. Very strange. I’ve contacted the developer.

Good to know. Thank you for the info.