Cubase 9 freezes on startup

Hello to everyone,

I recently purchased Cubase Artist 8 which I upgraded to Cubase Artist 9. At first, I installed Cubase 8 without upgrading to Cubase but my PC froze at startup, just after the audio setup (where you select which ASIO you prefer -generic or sound card). I think this is where the Steinberg Hub should appear. Then, I upgraded to Cubase 9 and same thing happened but this time in the audio setup menu so I wasn’t able to click at any option. When I tried to hide the asioglld.dll and managed to go pass that menu but it freezes just like Cubase 8.

Since now I updated my graphic card, sound card, java, disabled my antivirus, ran a RAM check, checked for malware and virus. I also tried to safe start Cubase but nothing has changed but when I installed Cubase 9 on my laptop, which has the exact same OS (windows 7) as my desktop, it worked perfectly.

I believe that the problem may be related to the interface of Cubase since I am not able to make any choice and it freezes. I can use my mouse or keyboard but cannot click anywhere. I can’t even kill the application from the task manager because it freezes too but strangely if I press ctrl+alt+del I can select shutdown or restart.

Any ideas?