Cubase 9 Install -- partially downloaded file, never completes

Hello Everyone,

I recently broke my laptop… I’m trying to reinstall Cubase 9
I got the blue elisencer USB of course, and I log into my account on Steinberg
I see on “My Downloads” page the file (10.5 GB) for Windows that I’ve successfully downloaded
a couple of times before when I had upgraded my computers

But no matter how hard I try the ZIP file FAILS to be fully downloaded!!
I tried using 2 different PCs using 2 different internet networks but to no avail
The ZIP files always “finishes” way before the 10.5 GB mark at random and no matter how many tries (maybe like 7 or 8 now!) all I get is a partially downloaded file… again and again.

Tried it yesterday and today, may be a server problem on behalf of Steinberg but I don’t know
The problem is for sure not on my end… this is Cubase 9, right before Steinberg downloaded assistant came in. I also own a copy of Dorico 4 PRO …
Please help, I would like to use my legal copy of Cubase but can’t :frowning:
Thanks in advance!

There’s a second way to download installers aside from that page in your account.

Here: Cubase 9 Updates and Downloads | Steinberg

worked to dl on my system.

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Thank you very much!! at first this link didn’t work as well
but what did if for me was using Microsoft Edge explorer instead of Google Chrome
Chrome abruptly finished the download mid-way… even after clearing the cookies/temp files etc.
and trying on 2 different laptops using 2 different WIFIs

So if anyone else has this problem > use EDGE and the file will be complete!!
Cheers Steve!

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