Cubase 9 Installer Problem


Trying to install Cubase 9 from scratch but when I choose a different path for the Steinberg content VST sound, the installer software is not letting me keep what I have selected.

I’m doing this to have the content on a different drive from the system & programs drive.

For example, if I change the padshop path, the installer also changes the GrooveAgent SE path to the same path - but that’s obviously right or desireable.

How do I resolve this as it’s holding me up installing?



As far as I know, you can set the path globaly only, for all instruments at once. You cannot define dedicated folder for every single Instrument.

But when the installer first loads, there are different default paths for padshop etc

I attached images showing the default folders, which do have / permit different subfolders.

But it’s when I try to change them, the installer changes what you select as I described above.

I don’t think this is right and makes no sense if the default paths permit different sub-folders.

Does the installer have a bug maybe?

Also, is the folder / sub-folder structure used by Cubase code in the media browser at all?

If it is, this would obviously have an impact on that.

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