Cubase 9 KONTAKT 5 multi-out Crash dump file

Hi guys :slight_smile:
i got cubase 9 last night and i want make my own template and i use KONTAKT 5 in my project but problem is when i want add all 16 channels Kontakt 5 outputs cubase 9 freeze and i got crash dump !!!
or some time when i press play bottom on cubase 9 it didn’t work i don’t why !!! it very funny i most close Cubase 9 and start again
i didn’t have any bug or crash dump file with cubase 8 or 8.5 !!!
is there any way to fix that ?
i use windows 10 and 16 gig Ram
thanks for it

Removing the current and installing the latest version Kontakt 5.73 might quickly solve the issue?