Cubase 9 LE with Zoom R16 mono / audio tracks

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I read in the forums a lot and now it’s time to post something myself as I have been looking through the internet the last week but can’t seem to find an answer to my question :slight_smile:

I use the Zoom R16 with Cubase 9 LE on my Macbook Pro in Audio Interface mode. I installed the newest Zoom drivers, set up Cubase (Device Settings, Mackie Controll, Input / Output settings in VST connections etc.) as seen in all the turtorials that I found. Now what I experience is the following:

When I set the VST connections to use the 8 Inputs on the Zoom and then add 8 audio mono tracks within the Cubase project, it shows 16 faders when I open the mixer. On the right side I see 8 inputs (faders are white) plus one master-fader and I can see audio signals entering. On the right side of the mixer, I see 8 Inputs from the Zoom (faders are red) plus one master-fader. There I don’t see any audio signal entering. When I move a fader on the Zoom (i.e. channel 2) I can see the channel two (red) fader on the right side of the Cubase mixer moving. But it doesn’t change anything about the volume of the input-audio-singal that I can hear. When I link the two channels (channel 2 on the left side of the mixer with channel two on the right side of the mixer) I can move the fader, and the audio signal gets louder or less loud as I move the fader around.
In all the tutorial I see that they only have 8 plus 1 master faders in the mixer-view right from the beginning after setting everything up and they move the fader (i.e. channel 2) and it moves the cubase channel 2 mixer where also the audio signal is seen entering.

Now I watched all the tutorials over and over and re-did all the settings in Cubase x times to make sure, I didn’t forget anything or made any mistake etc. but I just can’t get it to only show 8 plus one master fader for me.

Now I’m not sure if I’m doing anything wrong or if this is how it’s supposed to me on mac osx?

I figured maybe someone here can point me in the right direction or give me a hint :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot in advance and have a great day everyone



The red faders (Input Channels on the left side; and Output Channels on the right side) cannot be controlled via Mackie Control protocol, which is probably used with R16. You can Control only the project Channel faders, ie. the while audio faders in your case. The while faders Control the output from the track/channel to the outout R16.

Left red faders (Inputs) control the velocity of Input from the HW to the Cubase track/Channel.

To Control real Input (the Gain on the input), us the hardware again controller.

hi there

thanks for your information, i didn’t know that. i always thought, looking at the tut’s that it’s possible to control the input channels using the r16 faders, i didn’t realize i do have to use the gains on the controller :wink:
so if the hardware-faders control the project channel faders, does this mean that after something was recorded (i.e. 8 different instruments on 8 different tracks) the purpose of those project-faders is to controll the output gain for each channel…meaning i.e. for mastering of the channels… so lets say the guitar is too loud but the bass is not loud enought - to set the bass a bit louder and the guitar not as loud. if i understood correctly :wink:


Exactly, you understood correct.

Just the term is wrong. This is not mastering, this is mixing of the Channels. :wink:

lol, sorry, that’s actually what i meant… this is my swiss-guy-writing-in-english-word-mash-up" :wink:

cool, thanks for your feedback :slight_smile: