Cubase (9) & M-Audio Delta 1010lt

Hi Folks,

I have had a long break from music due to Family Illness issues. All now finished & I’m back & working hard to make up for lost time.

I have been upgrading Cubase as new versions come along but have not really got to grips with the last few versions. Making good progress using the manuals & vids, but one little problem so far has got me stumped.

Firstly - As U probably know, the Delta board is quite old now, but it still works for me despite the drivers stopping at Windows 7. All works fine with Windows 10 by the way except that you cannot select the Delta control panel from within Cubase - you just have to open it separately.

So, my problem - Recently I decided to use a live keyboard (Kronos) to record direct to Audio. Actually quite new for me bercause I have been using VST instuments mostly.

Whichever input channel I use to input the live Kronos audio the same thing happens…When I click off of the Delta control panel and onto Cubase the Delta volume slider jumps to zero. I cannot figure out why. It isn’t an insurmountable problem…Basically the ‘workaround’ is to start the 2 bar click, grab the mouse and raise the Delta volume quickly before recording.

Has anyone else come accross this & is there a solution that I have missed? I think somewhere within Cubase there is some sort of automated function that needs to be switched out. I would be really grateful if someone could help me.

Sorry to be a bit long winded…Just trying to let you folks know that even at 62 I’m not a total idiot with this stuff, I’m just missing a few pieces of the puzzle.

Best wishes for the New Year


Update…After more investigations I think the problem is within the ASIO Direct Monitoring. I may have found a workaround.

I notice there have been no replies so far - But I hope someone may get something out of this info.

Back when I have experimented more.



Sorry, I, for one, don’t really understand what you’re asking exactly, and I don’t have the devices you have. Maybe asking a more generic question would get you some replies.