Cubase 9 / Mac Mini M1 / Axe FX II - ISSUES

Hi all,

I just got a brand new M1 Mac Mini (16 GB RAM, 1 TB SSD) using the latest Monterey OS and installed my Cubase 9 on it successfully. I installed all my drum libraries/plugins etc. and the drivers for usage of my Axe FX II as my main audio interface/recording and playback default via USB as opposed to another hardware audio interface. Here are my issues:

  1. When I click and drag an event whether it’s MIDI, audio track, click and drag highlighting, or even drawing a MIDI event, the entire screen goes white while I’m doing the action. The action is successful, however I cannot see what I’m highlighting/how far I’m dragging due to the screen doing this. This is the only application on this computer that causes this to happen.

  2. I created a few busses for my audio tracks to use as their main input (i.e. my Axe FX via USB). When I go to record a guitar track, I do not see a waveform during recording nor when I am finished, however I still get audio playback of the tracks I record. I’ve gone into preferences to make sure I’ve checked all the boxes that refer to making waveforms visible.

I’ve done everything from reinstalling cubase, setting it back to factory preferences, and gone through all the settings I can see be relevant to fix this.

Any suggestions???


It’s not too surprising, Cubase 9 might not work in MacOS Monterey.

So am I forced to update to Cubase 11 for this to stop?

Looks like.