Cubase 9 Midi CC issues

I noticed a strange problem today with Cubase 9. My automation is sending mixed up midi CC information. It appears to be only the automation within the midi track, as I can move the controllers on Lemur/Ipad and see the appropriate values being sent. But when I move the automation curves or playback, I see crazy things.

For example, if I move the cc11 curve on my Violin 2 track, I see the midi monitor shows that cc32 is being moved! And when I open Violin 1 and move cc11, I see cc1 (mod wheel) moving in the midi monitor for that track. This is all with playback stopped, so there is no outside information being displayed, only the Cubase track automation curve as I move points around within the midi editing/piano roll window. I don’t have any midi inserts besides the midi monitor and it’s just a midi track going to VEPro. The values are indeed triggering all the wrong things. Where cc11 should be changing expression, it’s changing cc32 info instead, etc.

Any ideas what this could be?


No idea so far… Do you mean the automation or the recorded data in the Key Editor? Is it just CC11? Or what about other controllers?

It’s not just cc11, it appears that every cc is doing something nuts. This is in both prerecorded midi data and when I manually start moving controller lane data in the midi editor cc lane. But actual midi data incoming from my keyboard and lemur/ipad are working properly. So if I hit record and start playing stuff from my keyboard/ipad, it records the proper midi cc data. But on playback it’s all crazy, and if I start manually pencilling in things, it’s all crazy. I verified this with the midi monitor insert in cubase, as well as the midi monitor insert in Kontakt on the VEPro PC that recieves from that midi track.

After restarting Cubase, I think the playback is now playing correctly. But the midi monitor (in both Cubase and in Kontakt on the receiving machine) is still showing weird things when I draw CC data.

So, for example, put a midi monitor insert on a midi track that has some cc info like cc1/cc11/cc32 and some notes. Then open the midi editor and use the pencil to place an automation point on cc11. Then use the cursor to move that automation point around, and the midi monitor will show all sorts of stuff…cc32, cc1, note on, instead of showing a stream of cc11 events. I think that what I’m seeing is that while I drag, the monitor is fighting between showing what I’m dragging, and what is happening at the cursor (even with playback stopped). But this is also reflected in Kontakt on the receiving machine (with playback stopped), which is weird.


I expect, your Playback cursor is placed after the Place, when you make a changes. Cubase sends Out all MIDI data of the current position, of the Playback Cursor. So if you change the MIDI CC Value, Cubase sends the new Value (if there is another Value in between the change and the cursor, then Cubase sends the very last Value ahead of Cursor), and also all Values of other used CCs.

If you want to reduce it, you can disable Controller in the Preferences > MIDI > Chase Events. But this will mean, the last Controllers settings will be not sent at the moment, when you jump to a new position. It will be sent at the moment, when they are really played back.