Cubase 9 midi map from keyboard

I am trying to write volume on audio channel from my edirolc pcr-500 midi keyboard without sucess.

Can somebody tell me easy way to do this?
Yes, I read manual and even searched for that on youtube, yes, I know what rw is, yes, I tried to insert my keyboard in midi remote control devices under midi/device setup …


Could you send a screenshot of your Generic Remote Device Setup, please?

Hey Martin, you are so nice to help everywhere ! :slight_smile: Thanks man,

Anyway, here is screenshot of quick controls… but I believe I am doing something wrong?
I hope you understand what I am trying to achieve … I want to control track volume automation with slider on my midi keyboard.
Thanks !


I wouldn’t recommend to use Quick Controls for this. Use Generic Remote Device Instead. In the upper sheet you define the source (what MIDI Message do you sent), in the lower part, you define the destination (what parameter do you want to control).

And next, how do you want to control the Volume parameter with MIDI Note Off? Most often we control Volume by using any MIDI Controller. Would you expect to control the Volume by the Note Off Value (the speed, how do you release the MIDI Note)? Or what’s your expectation?

Hello Martin, thanks for reply,

No, that midi note in screenshot is by another controller, forget that.
What I am trying to figure out is how to use…lets say this way, if you are familiar with Yamaha Motif workstation, they have close integration with cubase (they are all same manufacturer)… so, I am trying to use physical fader on motif as volume pot in cubase, and to write that automation down in Cubase? So I expect when I moving one of sliders up and down to get volume automation up and down in cubase. Hope you understand me now? Sorry for my bad english (in technical terms).

On another hand, can you tell me what is Generic remote and where is located? Because I see Track Quick control and Vst quick control window. … ?
Can you describe process needed when trying to write volume automation from some physical fader that is midi-connected?
Thanks !


This is how should Generic Remote Device work.

It’s in the Device Setup, same as Quick Controls. Click to the + button, and select Generic Remote from the list. Then set your MIDI Device as source. Set the MIDI source (upper part) and destination VST Mixer > Stereo Out > Volume.

I am missing something Martin.

I am trying to write down volume automation of audio channel with fader from midi keyboard.
How to do this?

See the duplicate post, please.

In the Devices > Device Setup window click to + button. Add Generic Remote Device. Set your MIDI Input (disable it in the Quick Controls, please).

In the upper part, 1st row, set the MIDI CC, you are sending from your PCR-1 as an Input. You can use Lear function, same you probably did in the Quick Controls. In the lower part, you set the destination, so what you want to control. In the 1st row select VST Mixer > Wanted Channels > Volume.

Done. :wink:

Managed to do it after those up and low part explanation. great, thank you !
So, when you need to automate a lot of volume on different channels, as I do, you just select different chanel in lower row and repeat the proces? Or is there any easier way to do it? Something like, learn button on a channel?
Oh, wow, I tried “learn” inside quick control on channel, and it responds, but very very weird…maybe its better to wait for your explanation?


If you choose “Selected Channel” in the lower part of the Generic Remote Device sheet, it doesn’t respond to the Channel Selected at the moment, when you create the sheet. Then it controls every Selected Channel at the moment when you are working with the project. So it’s very useful. You can assign your hardware slider to all Volume Faders dynamically. Which fader is currently select the one you will control by you HW slider. Be aware, there is an issue if your fader is not motorized. Then it’s better to select the pick-up mode in the Generic Remote Device. This mode waits until you reach the value by the slider on your HW, if you switch between the Channels. So the Faders don’t jump to the value of the previous fader.

In which meaner does the “Learn” mode respond weird in the Quick Control? This feature is here to be able to move the HW slider instead of typing the value to the Quick Control matrix. The only one known issue is you have to define the MIDI Input and click to “Apply” to confirm the MIDI Input first. Then you can use the Learn function. Exactly the same behavior is in the Generic Remote Device.

Everything seems fine, you explained everything very well. My mistake was that when you select and add midi remote you need to APPLY changes, then to proceed.
Great features !