Cubase 9 no VST input nor load preset function

Hi All,

recently upgraded from 8.5 to 9.0 and still getting to grips with the changes.
Wanted to play with the vst input function but both retrologue and padshap do show the sidechain button but do not enable an input. On both plug-ins the mini media bay function (next to the RW buttons) allows opening and selcting presents but they are not accepted by the plugin: the smaal window stays black. Selecting a preset from within retrologue does work. I checked the folder where the plugin is taken from and this has the october 2016 retrologue plug in.

Any help greatly appreciated

Windows 8.1/I7 4720HQ 16M
cub9 vst input.jpg

Hi All,

Just thought i’d do a reinstall.
Got update 9.01.
Both issue resolved so it seems.

cub9 padshop.jpg
Got happy to quick there. Meanwhile on Cubase 9.01…
Retrologue does work now but padshop is not ok.
I thought it would also get a vst input?
It definitely does not allow to load presents in the top section.
It does allow loading samples in the bottom.