Cubase 9 not recognising m-audio midisport 4x4

Since installing Cubase 9 my M-Audio midisport 4x4 is no longer recognised? Still works ok in 8.5? I’m using the latest M-audio driver (6_1_3_driver 5_10_0_5141)

Please Advise? Cheers

wish i could help i do have one but at the moment still setting up my studio

Hey Mark

Thanks for the reply and offer for help. I have opend a ticket but nobodys got back to me! Cubase 9 just says the midisport is missing but in Cubase 8.5.2 it works flawlessley… Terrible customer support i’ve got to say :frowning:

any news ?
I have two midisport 4x4 that windows 7 64bit recognize perfect, but cubase pro 9 doesn’t see.

Some problem here, I just disconnect the usb cable reboot my Mac and it works again. Terrible customer support I cannot disagree more. The 4x4 is a unit that is sold since 2001 and the original unit isn’t supported after 14 years (the anniversary unit is the replacement, new controller chip). Name 1 unit connected to your pc or Mac that still runs afters 15 years… There aren’t many. And after 15 years a 99 euros interface can easily be replaced… :slight_smile:

I have Midisport Anniversary Edition 2x2. Cubase 9 doesn’t recognise it.

Does if I roll back to that.

Particularly annoying as I only bought the Midisport (and checked forums to see if there were any issues - there weren’t) because my trusty old Roland UA25 doesn’t run under Windows 10.

Cubase 9 pretty bloody useless if I can’t play my keyboard into it…

Come on Steinberg - sort this out please!

Hi all,

Same for me, Cubase 8.5 recognize my 4x4 just fine, no way for Cubase 9 :frowning:

Any news from Steinberg ?

Did I buy a 99 Euros update for nothing ?



Devices -> Device Setup -> MIDI Port Setup = check [Use Device ‘DirectMusic’]

My midisport anniversary 4x4 was not shown/detected/etc in C9. it had been fine up thru C8.5. As mentioned in previous post by Johnny Richman (thx JR) the first step was to go in Device Setup/Midi Port Setup and place a checkmark in the box for ‘use device directmusic’.

Additionally I had to delete my 4 external synths completely and re-add them in the Devices/midi device manager. oh well. at least I’m up and running again on my external instruments.

I have no problems with mine (yellow and blue 4x4 old style). It’s working with C9 pro under win 7 64bit (no updates apart from the one for halion 6). Latest driver was downloaded from midisport site.

I can’t remember the order of running the install - whether I plugged it in first or the other way around but it’s still there now.

This is the answer…I’ve had the same problem and this fixed it. Thank you :wink: