Cubase 9 on OSX Mavericks 10.9.5 – have anyone tried this?

I wouldn’t want to upgrade my OSX Mavericks, so I’d like to know is it possible to run the new Cubase version on Mavericks? If so, how’s the performance?

I’m using Cubase9 for a few days now without any problems, crashes, etc.
Performance is very, very good.
Keep in mind though, it runs only in 64bit and steinberg does not support C9 on Mavericks

10.9.5 does not get any security patches anymore.
I usually stay one iteration behind. There’s not many things in my life as an audio guy that annoys me more than Apple’s constant stream of breaking things, but 10.9.5. is a risk, I think.

Working here perfect with no issues.

I only installed in on my Mavericks partition (I run El Capitan) just to test it.
I don’t intend to really test it some more, was just curious if it would actually run…
I now use a maxed out 2006 Mac Pro, which most likely be stuck on El Capitan, so it’s good to know that I most likely will be able to run newer Cubase versions in the near future, eventhough unsupported…
Or maybe I’ve bought a “new” Mac by then, who knows… :laughing: