Cubase 9 pro audio dropouts!

Good morning to all!
My name is Paky and this is my first topic on the forum!

Tonight I bought the upgrade from 8.5 to 9,trying the resolve the absurd question of the audiodropouts of the version 8.5.
Nothing is happened :_)

I try with more of my projects,from busy to one track audio or midi recording ,dropouts still there!
With cubase 8 I was able to work on projects with lots of tracks with plugins and vsti,from the 8.5 Is impossible to have a clear recording or a relaxed listening of the mix.

I am diperate now. The situation is frustrating,with this kind of problem I’m out of the business and even out from a decent creative flow.

My workstation is a powerful i7 6700k/64gb ram/2 ssdhd/sonic core scope(creamware pulsar2) soundcard. In the version 8 with this configuration I worked on projects with 60/70 tracks with a relaxed cpu,near the 50% of the resorces.

Can someone help me?

If you have an nvidia display adapter, go get the latest driver… That fixed my audio dropouts on a PC. Now if I can just get the Mac version fixed.

HI. do you get audio dropouts when listening to youtube or spotify too? make sure cubase is still open and running in the background when listening to youtube.

After you test this maybe I can help you further.

sinc ole

Hi friends thanx for the answer
I don’t have nvidia drivers or videocard and the dropouts problems are present only in cubase
I have an ableton live le version for my live act and it sound really good, Without dropouts or pther stranges glitches

Even after the jbridge/32bit vst uninstal the problem still there

I’m using the integrated intel video card

Someone with the same problem?


What ASIO driver are you using in Devices / Device Setup and what are its latency settings?

As an experiment, try using the Generic low latency driver. Do you still get dropouts when using this driver?

Try activating Multi processing and ASIO Guard.


I try to do a test with an m-audio fast track pro,No glitches or other stuff on cubase 9
After this test I open a project with the sonic core pulsar and glitches still there…the problem is the quality and the volume of the m-audio,it is ridiculous
on cubase 8 with sonic core soundcard all is clear,on vers.9 dropouts again

Strange situation :frowning:

Don’t use the integrated video, install a separate one and see if that helps.

I’ll try to do a test
Thanx to all of you

Hello, I’m a converted Sonar user and I’ve fallen in love with the awesome workflow processes in Cubase. However, I’m having a serious issue with audio dropouts too. It hasn’t been too big of a problem when laying down midi tracks but I tried to record my sax on Sunday and it was impossible. The audio dropouts would kill the recording and eventually frustration overtook inspiration, LOL.

The project I’m working on has 2 instances of EZDrummer 2, 1 instance of Spectrasonics Trillian, 1 of Sample Tank 3 and 1 of Halion Sonic SE 2. I’m on a Windows 10 PC with 16 gigs of ram and an AMD Athlon 2.60 GHz processor, and a nVidia GeForce 9500 GT GPU. I also just recently updated to Cubase Pro 9 version 9.0.10. Sure the specs are dated but it runs Sonar without any issues. As a matter of fact, I started the project in Sonar. It sounded horrible when exported it out of Sonar and into Cubase. So I started from scratch with the exact same instrumentation and for some reason, it sounds better in Sonar but I find working in Cubase to be much more productive.

Any ideas/suggestions on resolving my dropout issues would be greatly appreciated. I’ve read all the posts in this thread but my problem remains.


I struggled with audiodroputs with Cubase and PC for a long time, and tried to change settings in BIOS and every advice there was.
But eventually I bought an RME Fireface UCX soundcard and skipped using my Scope/Creamware Pulsar 2 as a soundcard, and now everything works perfect.
No more annoying audiodroputs.

So it is Pulsar 2 that is the problem, at least for me, it is a real time audio device ,not a soundcard controlled by Windows.
But I still use the synthesizers and effects on my Scope system with two Pulsar 2 cards, they are really good.

I have the same idea,probably is a Pulsar 2 problem
I’m looking for a motu now but it’s not the moment for me to buy an expansive soundcard
really tired about the situation,for business things but even for the creative flow

other suggestions?

PS: the strangest thing is that work with all the sofrtware i’ve tested in these day but not in cubase :cry:

I have a Steinberg UR22 USB Audio Interface and it works perfectly with Sonar. When I first upgraded to SampleTank3 it was crashing Sonar because I had it set up wrong. But I tried using just Halion Sonic last night in Cubase and I got an audio glitch. So I don’t know what to do. I want to stay with Cubase but if I can’t get anything recorded…

Download this utility and run it (if you are on Windows), see here:

It may shed some light on what’s causing your dropouts.

I had the same problem when I switched to CB9. All dropouts are gone since I set the Disk Preload to 6 in the Device Setup.

Thanks for the suggestion of setting the Disk Preload to 6. I did it but unfortunately, I still got dropouts

Unfortunaly te disk preload to 6 it doesn’t work on my system.
Latencymoon was another hope but the result say that i can play real audio on my system.

The situation is always the same
Thanx to all you

Worth maybe testing to see if any latency buffer helps, or samplerate makes a difference… (eg 44/48)
Maybe you tried Cubase’s sync settings, too?
‘project sync manager’ - see maybe you can sync to the ASIO audio device, or Internal. ?