Cubase 9 Pro-Audio Pops and Crackles During Playback

Hey everyone:

I did the upgrade from 8 Pro to 9 pro yesterday and I am getting ramdom crackles and pops during playback of my new session. I created a new template from scratch and this is not an older session coming from 8 pro but a brand new song. My buffer is set to it’s highest at 2048 and I am using a Universal Audio Apollo interface. this new session has no plugins in it right now so it’s not anything to do with that. I have a new Mac Pro so the computer has a ton of horse power. Any idea why this is happening? I have shut down and re-booted a few times to see if it would clear up but no luck.

I have also been using Presonus Studio One for years and I never have this issue with that DAW so I am fairly certain it’s a Cubase issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Have you done any editing of the audio, particularly warping/quantizing? I’ve noticed that Warping causes pops and clicks in C9 and have posted about it in the Issues section; it seems to be a legit defect.

HI Jack,

no nothing like that at all. these are simple wav files that have not any any processing done to them.

Hi davidvignola,

have you tried other block sizes like 1024, 512 ?


Yes, I have tried a few different block sizes and the problem is still there.

As I mentioned in another thread I have a similar problem on a PC. My buffer block size was 256. Increasing it to 512 has partially solved the problem. Now I only have four or five pops, crackles per day. In the same computer, Cubase 8.5 doesn’t show any problem with 256 size block.

I never had this problem before with any Cubase version and different PC’s. Never, except, obviously, with very small block sizes or huge projects.