Cubase 9 Pro - Loading issues


I’m french, i got Cubase 9 Pro. I use 99% of my VST instruments with Kontakt.

My config :
“ThinkCentre M900 10FD” Desktop - Intel Core i5-6500 / 3.2 GHz, 32Go RAM,
HD 1 : 256 Go SSD (Cubase 9 Pro & Kontakt installed)
HD 2 : 1to SSD (All my librairies are on it)
Windows 7 Pro 64 bits
Soundcard : M-AUDIO Fast Track

I have already disabled “Windows Defender”.

I’ve got a project with 25 tracks and when i want to load it, it takes 8-10min and sometimes Cubase cuts or crash (sorry for my english)…


Thanks in advance

I’ve had the same issues in the past. I obviously cannot defend why Cubase crashes in some instances; but with Kontakt, I’d strongly suggest viewing some YouTube videos on how to fine tune performance in Kontakt as a place to start. Especially since a majority of your VST instruments are there.

There are lots of YouTube vid’s that explain how to get the best performance from Kontakt. Here are a couple of links to get you started:

With 32GB of RAM; running Cubase with Kontakt can quickly lead to contention between the 2 programs competing for RAM and CPU. It may also be worth a small investment for a resource monitor program running on your system; or you could use the Windows Task Manager and view the CPU and Memory usage to monitor what is possibly peaking your system within that 8 to 10 minute time frame causing it to crash.

But I’d strongly suspect Kontakt being the culprit for your woes. 8 to 10 minutes to load VST’s in Kontakt is quite a long time so you could probably do some tweaking there to get that load time down a bit.

An additional suggestion would be to make certain you aren’t loading multiple instances of Kontakt wherever possible. In other words, I would NOT advise loading Kontakt on every instrument track. Use an instrument rack instead.

That way you can route multiple tracks to one instance of Kontakt and eliminate exhausting your system resources.

Hope that helps you out