cubase 9 pro on an old laptop

Hi everyone,

How are you doing? I’m doing pretty good. I was wondering…

I run Cubase 6 on a macbook pro 13" 2,53ghz intel core duo 2 with 8gb 1067 mhz DDr3.With Focusrite pro 40 via firewire.
Because of some new plugins i bought, ineed to update my version of cubase. I don’t have the money to buy a new macbook.
Is it sensible to run cubase 9 pro on this macbook? Or will my system clutter up en become too slow?

Any advice for me?



Also…Does an update always need beefier cpu? Or does it sometimes run smoother than an old version?

So many questions.

Take a look at the system requirements for CB 10 (similar to CB 9) that are listed near the bottom of this linked page. CPU min is an Intel i5 or faster. Does your Intel Core Duo 2 meet that?

If you really want to see the similar system requirements for CB 9 just google it.

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Thanks Prock