Cubase 9 Pro trial

:blush: I’ve got the Pro trial downloaded, I’ve got Cubase 9 Artist that I have bought, but I can’t use the trial version of Pro, it just loads up the Artist version, how do I change it’s mind?

Have you put the Trial activation code onto your eLicenser?

If so does it show up listed within your licences?

Yep… I had a look at that, thought I might be able to launch from there but no, I was working on a track I started in Artist, it asked whether I wanted to use the trial or Artist, I chose artist that time thinking it would prompt me again. It didn’t.

You could try renaming your preferences file? But I am just guessing…somewhere it’s clearly stored that decision.

FWIW, I’m currently running the Demo and in the following file:

“C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 9_64\Demo.xml”

I have the following:

Might be worth to see what your’s says? Don’t change anything without backing up the file obviously.

Nice one, I’ve checked the file and it says never, so I’ll have a tinker.
Thanks very much… :slight_smile:

Yeeees, it works, it lives…
Again thankz… :smiley:

Excellent…thanks for confirming in case anyone else has a similar issue.

I wanted to try cubase 9 pro but it create new my steinberg account with my email … what is it - is it right ?
I have my steinberg account with nikename and now it create new one with my email … can’t understand …
what I did wrong ?

Just fooling around with the pro 9 trial, and have had multiple crashes already. I installed it on El capt. I have not been so eager to buy the 9, and so far it does not impress me at all, sorry. New features: Nothing I need there, so, - unstable and not more cpu efficiant, I think I pass this one. (For the time being)

I’ve had the same, but I waited for a while, maybe 30 40 secs then it behaved itself, it was locking up on Groove Agent and Retrologue quite a bit, it don’t like “hot swaps”, shame about that. Probably stay with Artist, yoo never know tho’

The program for Artist and Pro is the same so you shouldn’t see differences.
The license determines which features are available but not the performance.

It crashes and hangs in Artist as well, I’ve contacted the support but no reply, one ticket is 10 working days old. I’ll sort the bugs out myself, at least find work arounds. For the price you pay, I’m not really worried about the crap support issues, you get a lot of bang for your buck, so screw’em… :slight_smile: