Cubase 9 trial?

When can we expect a trial version of v9?
I, for one, am not upgrading my v8.5 until I give v9 a good testing.

Same here…can’t think what’s got into people buying something without testing it first…go figure :confused: :confused:
from what I’m reading on the forum it seems highly unlikely I’ll be buying this 9 thingy…nothing there to interest me…
also cannot think why I’d buy something that’s gonna blacklist plugins… :unamused: :unamused:

interesting they never release the trial at the same time as you can give yer hard earned cash for it…

Can’t imagine why people would want to continue running rogue plugs, possibly causing stability or performance issues, without at least knowing what they were.

What, you think there is some kind of underhanded deviousness going on? Your posts of innuendo like this leaves me scratching my head, (or shaking it)… what you’re implying has no basis in fact.

Really? You’re telling me your marketing/sales team never figured out that a lack of a trial version at launch boosts upgrade sales? That the same team who so masterfully crafted those “C9 new features” videos to boost C9 desirability didn’t realize that more users will upgrade if that is the only way to check the new features?

Because if that’s the case, you really need to hire a new marketing/sales team.

Perhaps instead of trying to convince people of your pure intentions, we could get back on the topic of the thread, and you could tell us when there’s a trial version planned?

I’m an external moderator and I do not represent SB. But I can say like anyone else, that from past experience the trial versions come out about a month after the release. Also this question has been answered. A search for ‘trial release’ found a thread quickly.

Don’t think Steve is a Steinberg employee… (posting at the the same time as him I now see).

Leaving that aside, I’m sure more initial sales are generated by not releasing a trial at first release but whether they affect overall sales numbers is hard to tell.

Historically, the demo versions tend to be released at the same time as the first major update (IIRC a couple of months?)…some argue that this is to iron out bugs before a demo is released which sounds sensible and presumably if early users find major bugs or many minor bugs this timing can be affected.

FWIW I’ve already upgraded my copy of Elements to 9 for my Laptop without a demo and so far it looks good enough for me to want to upgrade my 8.5 Pro too.

You always seem so angry. Why?

And I do not understand why you would think that ‘Plug-in Sentinel’ is not a great thing. It tells you that certain plugs are not up to date and need addressing. WIN!

I have seen your posts regarding issues with Cubase. I can only guess, but I bet some of that was due to 3rd party/crappy written plugs. There is just no reason for Cubase to not run properly if you have a computer and plugs that run it. Cubase isn’t the problem as I have never had an issue that was not VST plug or hardware related.

It is a different perspective for users of Cubase that have systems that run flawless with it. I myself have such a system and I updated immediately. That is because all updates and newer versions have always new features/updates that I find worth the cost. Obviously thousands did as well as it took a few times to get Elicenser to update.

I do not believe they hold off on the trial to look for bugs. I have never seen an update come before a release of trial version. But who knows. Either way, I am happy and do not have anything bad to say about the update. If $100 is too much for you to test it, then chill until the trial comes out. Nobody twisting your arm…

It seems you (Shadowfax) are impatiently curious, but yet complaining before you have anything to complain about other than listening to those adamant in complaining.

I personally find it annoying (and ironically amusing) that this forum is filled with members incessant complaining about every update. There is other software if Cubase upsets you so much.

oh man…I have to say from looking / reading other forums seem healthier …Steinberg folks seem not happy…although I am sure there are MANY folks that ARE happy…it makes me sad as a new daw person to wonder about the community and product. I have a little time off during the holidays so I hope I get to trial it. if not I am going with cakewalk…

What he/she said!!! it’s clearly cynical business practice…no doubt about it…

I’ve used and am currently using Cubase 8.5 with all legal 64 bit plugs…and the perfonce meter keeps hitting the red…
also some peeps have said that sentinal has even blacklisted some of Steinbergs own plugs…
beyond crazy…

I’ve used and am currently using Cubase 8.5 with all legal 64 bit plugs…and the perfonce meter keeps hitting the red…

All the more reason you should want to ascertain if any of them are causing problems…surely :confused:

Didn’t blacklist any (zero) here on windows. Only if you have lots of 32 bit plugs and don’t want to use jbridge (using it for years), then you have an issue.
Mac is a little different as there was a bug in the OSX software that causes some to blacklist.

they don’t cause problems in other DAW’s…

Not using any 32bit plugs…and from the comments on the forum it isn’t only 32 bit plugs that are being blacklisted…

If it’s good enough to sell why is is it not good enough to try?

FWIW a quick search on the Forum showed these historical trial release dates (and in each case the version was released at the beginning of December the previous year):

8.5: Trial released 6th Jan
8.0: Trial released 7th April
7.5: Trial released 26th Feb
7.0: Trial released 28th Feb.

So looks like those waiting for a trial have got at least a month (as previously suggested by others…)

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Hold the phone… Blacklisting plugins?

I mean, I’m all for getting a heads-up if a plugin might be potentially problematic, but I have a whole bunch of plugins collected over time that I would like to use, even if they can be unstable. Why is that not my own decision?

Seems to be the way of the future :frowning: microsoft own your computer if you upgrade to ten and now Steinberg tell you can’t use your 32 bit plugs…if you buy 9 that is…which I will not be doing :slight_smile: Mixbus is my go to DAW now, it has everything i need (not being a power user) and the mixer is awesome…makes me realise what a mess the Cubase mixer is…just need Cubase for now to consolidate projects before moving them to Mixbus…

best, Kevin

They are blacklisted if they crash during start-up, not potentially crash. Only on mac it is a little different. There there is a plugin bug that crashed the host on exit. Those are blacklisted but you could work with them until you exit (or maybe unload them). But you can unblacklist them.
But the blacklist was also there in C8 and earlier, but invisible unless you open a xml file. It is more manageable now!