Cubase 9 w Catalina. Time to upgrade? Wait for 10.5?

I’m running Cubase 9. I haven’t moved to Catalina yet, and want to make sure I’ve got all the right bits before I do. I can’t find anything definitive on whether Cubase 9 will run on Catalina, or whether there will be an update or not. If I do decide to upgrade, I’m trying to decide whether to do it now, to Cubase 10, or wait a bit to see if 10.5 comes along. Does Steinberg usually have a grace period, where licenses bought within a month or two of a new release can automatically move to the new version? Moving to Catalina is not super-urgent for me, so I can wait for a bit if necessary.

Strange - this is clearly mentioned on the “Mac OS Catalina product compatibility” - page on the Steinberg site.

Yes, they do.