Cubase 9 Wants and Wishes

I have been Cubase / Steinberg user for more years than I can remember and really LOVE 8.5. Here are some of my wants and wishes for Cubase 9.

-Automation linking:
I know there are other ways to achieve this but I would like to ability to link automation edits on any selected tracks.

-Mulit format mix down:
The ability to mix down in multiple formats at one. A big time saver.

-AAF Support:
I believe Nuendo has this. Cubase should as well.

-Edit Mode
Nuendo has a feature that lets the the cursor follows edit positions. For example if you grab an audio event and move it along the timeline the cursor will follow. Very helpful with a video track as well. I know Nuendo is marketed for “post production” but other DAWs have this feature and I don’t really consider this a post only feature. Many composers would get a lot of use out of this.

-Re arrange Rack / Track Instruments:
There has been many times where I have wanted to be able to re-arrange Rack / Track instruments based on use to adjust quick controls. I know this can be done in track pane but if you are using something like the Steinberg CMC-AI you can quickly hover over the controls in Racks/Tracks to adjust.

-Drag / Copy Track Pictures:
It would be nice to be able to quickly drag / copy a track picture from one track to another in the mixer window.

-Move tracks in mixer independently from edit window:
It would be great to be able to re arrange tracks in mixer independently from edit window. Maybe there could be an option to sync / unlink like there is for visibility.

-Track overlay:
The ability to choose the wave form of any track on an automation track. For instance if you have group volumes at the bottom of a session or the master volume and you want to automate that to a track all the way at the top of the session this would be helpful. I know you can create visibility agents for just those tracks but I think this would be a nice option.

-Track Versions on Marker Track:
It would be great to have track versions on the marker track. This is very helpful when sketching out ideas / compositions.

-Multiple Marker Tracks:
Also would be very helpful to be able to have more than one marker for keeping track of different areas of a song or composition. One Marker track could be the structure of the track while another could be for cues or dialog.

-Editing groups:
The ability to have editing groups to quickly access events that are not linked a folder.

Just my 2 cents…Thanks!

+1 for the Edit mode in Cubase, if I don’t see this feature in Cubase 9 I will switch the DAW, I have waited to long for them to implement this.

Huge +1 for edit mode! This has to come to Cubase! Almost every other DAW have that feature and Nuendo has enough exclusive features to justify the purchase now.

I think, if you really want to make an impact you’d post one request per thread. Though SB is fully aware of these requests.

Multiple Marker Tracks are possible at Nuendo.

Editing Groups: Do you mean CMD+G?

But although they are aware they ignore it. It has been requested by several threads and multiple times around mixconsole always front and deaf ears …


That’s my point, you refer to “it”, but there’s no way to know what it you mean. :wink:

I have been keeping a list and just wanted to put it up in one thread for discussion.

Yes CMD+G but with a list…similar to how PT handles edit groups.If that was combined to work with visibility agents you can call it up like an edit group basically…with a way to keep track of it.

Need you back the console mix “always on top”. Working with a notebook and is very annoying to disappear all the time. final choice: I had to switch to cubase 7 does have the option.

At some genius it thought that was not necessary and point.

I have said and I repeat, if not return the console mix “always on top” will not buy cubase 9.

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Sorry but every time I’ve tried to work with the 8 (which brings other elemmentos that makes me easier work) and I can not; I bother much. I have a thermos in the head