Cubase 9 with UA Apollo interface via thunderbolt?

Curious to know user’s experience using Cubase 9 with UA Apollo via thunderbolt?

They recently updated their drivers to support multi-unit cascading and thinking about making the switch to a more powerful PC from a 2012 Macbook Pro.
I have 3 Apollos: 8 Silver, 8p Black and 16 Black.

On their website they recommend a few PCs, the first by Intel with a crazy skull on it.

Anyone use this computer setup and can comment on the stability/buffer settings? Or another on the list that they recommend?


Those aren’t recommended PCs, they’re just what they tested 14 months ago. The only non notebook listed (the skull!)looks like a terrible choice for a music PC!
And the Mobos listed are already out of date.

I would have a look at the later posts in this thread for some build ideas…or just ask A DAW builder to do it for you.

Oh nice…been looking for a thread just like this. Not sure how I missed it. Thanks!!

Does multi unit mean that we can finally mix units? Like the 16 and the 8?


Been there for a while now for MAC, but just got recently added for PC.

Right on. I’m still on a Mac Pro 5.1 so it’s firewire for me-still can’t mix and match them.

Oh you are still on firewire? I would double check then. Not sure about that.

You may want to upgrade to thunderbolt. Their driver is much better for this one and has a lower latency if you do audio recording.

5.1 Mac Pros do not support thunderbolt.

Time to throw your old MacPro in the trashcan and buy a new MacPro trashcan :open_mouth:

…OR jump on the new bandwagen and get a PC for 1/3 the price. Thats what Im gonna do :slight_smile:

Just so I can use two different Apollos together? Nah. I’m happy and solid.

Btw… I meant to make this thread titled ‘Cubase 9 with UA Apollo interface via thunderbolt on a PC?’… but forgot to add the PC part

Nah…I’m saying go thunderbolt so you can record at a lower latency and your rhythm tracks won’t sound all wonky.

I use a Gigabyte Z170x motherboard with my Apollo 8. Works great.
I also have a Macbook Air for mobility, no différence with stability

Latency isn’t an issue for me. Though I will say that I am currently on the road using a RME babyface (usb) and recording guitar I am able to get it down to 1.5ms latency without any issue while the Apollo Twin (thunderbolt) would start crapping out at 8-9 ms. I’m amazed at how solid and quick this RME is. In the studio with my Apollo 16 (firewire) I don’t track more than 4-8 outboard pres in at once and latency hasn’t been an issue-certainly not enough to justify getting rid of my current setup at this point.

Gotcha. Ok yeh sounds like you got a decent setup going then.

Well, I just really like the expandability that my old Mac Pro has given me. I’m holding out to see what the (eventual) new Mac Pro looks like since they have made promises that it will be more focused on expandability.