Cubase 9/Yosemite crashes

I’m having initialization crashes with the at the update to Cubase 9 from 8.5. It opens the “select interface” window, and after selected it crashes. My configuration is iMac 27inch, late 2013, 3.4,Ghz Intel Core i5, 32Gb Ram 1600Mhz DDR3. Yosemite OS. It crashes in initialization whem I select Steinberg UR 824, or Yamaha MOX6/MOX8, as the audio interface. It only opens if built in audio is selected. My interfaces are UR 824, Yamaha Mox8 synthesizer, and Apollo Twin Thunderboldt (this interface, curiosly, is not listed as alternative in interface choice at initialization). Cubase 8.5 works normally. Anyone can help us?

The system requirements say Mac OS Sierra is required. I honestly don’t know if that will fix the problem though.