Cubase 9LE Channel strip

Open channel strip, only Standard Compressor is visible. Located Steinberg folder (e.g. noise gate, de esser, tube compressor, etc.). Have watched tutorials multiple times, and searched help/forums and found no info. How do I load/install? Thanks.

Hi and welcome,

This is correct. In Cubase LE, there is Standard Compressor only. Other types are available in higher Cubase derivatives (Cubase Elements/Artist/Pro).

Thanks for your reply. Might I suggest a list accompany various software with features/plugins, other items that have been deprecated? I believe this would be well received and “time saving.” I spent in excess of 10 hours researching FAQ’s, YouTube, and text believing this was due to lack of education on my part.

Again thanks, and look forward to utilizing Cubase in the future!


Check the manual and Ctrl + F “Cubase Elements only” and “Cubase LE”. This should show you most if not all major limitations in your version.