Cubase act as input only has 2 channel 1 or 2

Behringer X-Air18, Mac mini PRO M2 Sillicon, CB13.0.30 build 226
I can route all output to any destination to Behringer.
I have tried to reset all configuration and looking for some setup issue, but have found none.
Cubase act as it uses the default Mac core audio input, even though it system preference is set to X-Air driver input.
The most strange is, in cubase 12 everything is working perfect.

so if Cubase uses MAC driver I would think you should switch to a different ASIO driver?

True. It is wrong to write react as Mac Core driver has high latency. the X-Air18 driver was low latency also in cubase 13.
From my windows experience I worked a lot with WDM, MME and ASIO driver.
In Windows.
WDM only have 2 input, and with latency you can use in real life.
So that’s why I made the comparison.
Another issue is when you record audio on ch1 or 2 recorded audio fades out after a couple of seconds. there are no noise gate or any other FX on the channel.
But there are no driver to install on Mac. It works right out of the box.
And still it is only in cubase 13. Cubase 12 is running smoothly.