cubase activation

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I’ve already installed the cubase 10 pro, and now i need to activate in the eLicenser, but I can’t update, After I put the activation code it gives me the following message [Look at the pictures] :

as you can see [deleted image] i don’t have cubase 10 in my elicenser , i have only cubase 7, and i don’t know why.


I have deleted the pictures - please make sure to never post serial numbers on a public forum.

Cubase Pro 10 needs a USB-eLicenser ( in order to be activated: it looks like there is none connected to the computer.

Once you have a USB-eLicenser, you need to move the current license onto the dongle before applying the upgrade to Pro 10.

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“Cubase Pro 10 needs a USB-eLicenser”

I don’t think it’s for that reason because i downloaded a trial version of cubase10
so it should work without usb device.

  • by the way I uploaded the pictures again and I censored the serial numbers

Well, yes, that IS the reason. You certainly do need a USB-eLicenser to use Cubase Pro - even the trial.

That is exactly the reason: you have Elements 7, which you can activate on the computer’s HD (AKA Soft-eLicenser) and you are looking to activate Pro 10, which must be activated on a USB-eLicenser.
No, it won’t work without USB device.

Thank you so much !

if demo does not work without usb dongle. how can you test connect pro without purchase of dongle

You can’t, you can only test elements without dongle.