Cubase - Adding two audio tracks at once, but with different I/O settings


I’m new to Cubase and have a question that I couldn’t find an answer for in the manual.

I’d like to add two audio tracks - at the same time - for recording electric guitar/bass; one track is a DI for later reamping and the second track is for recording a guitar/bass signal from an external processor or mic’d amplifier.

Adding two audio tracks at the same time is easy. However, I’d like the tracks to be added at the same time, but with the correct I/O settings for each.

I’m using Cubase Pro 12 on Windows 10.

What’s the best way to do this?


Unless I misunderstood your question, you just need to set the appropriate input routing in the inspector for each track, so that the DI and amp track get the correct inputs from your audio interface.

Thanks for your quick reply!

Yes, I’d need to setup the I/O routing in the inspector for each track. However, because I’d have to do that many, many times during a project, I’m hoping to find a way to add two audio tracks that already have the settings they need.

It just occurred to me … I could just create two new audio tracks and setup the I/O for each at the beginning of a new project and leave them empty. Then, use the duplicate tracks function to add two new audio tracks for reamping whenever I need to. This assumes it’s possible to duplicate multiple tracks at the same time (haven’t tried that yet).

Maybe look into ‘Templates’.
Open blank Project, Add and name commonly used tracks, setup all I/O, Add the inserts you always use etc, Then save as a template to use as a starting point for all future projects.

Good idea! I haven’t created any templates yet.

However, I don’t know how many pairs of reamping tracks I’ll need for a project. If it’s possible to duplicate multiple tracks at the same time, then that might be an easy solution.

I’m reading about Track Presets to see if that would accomplish what I’d like to do. Macros might be another possible solution.

Yes,you can duplicate tracks!
(Right click on the track,duplicate track,and you can create a shortcut for that job)


Yes, but I’m not sure if it’s possible to duplicate multiple tracks at the same time. I’ll try that today.

Creating a shortcut for that would be very handy.

yes you can, as long as you have them selected

Awesome - thanks!

Thanks everyone for your help!

Today, I setup my first project template and Track Preset.

The project template includes a pair of audio tracks with I/O configured for recording a dry DI and the reamped sound from my Axe-FX.

The Track Preset lets me quickly add the empty reamp tracks to an existing project.

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