Cubase Advanced Requests

I’m a producer, songwriter, mixing engineer and artist (and software programmer certified in java and another technologies) and all the time I write down some requirements and features that are important to my workflow and I think it will be the same for many others. The truth is that I use Cubase in an advanced way and I have tested the limits of the software.

In this post I will be progressively adding everything that I will find within my needs.

Phase A - 2023-01-09

A.1 - I usually create an audio track that as input records/prints the entire route of sending to my sum groups to do STEMS and thus disable the child audios. Is there a way to create a track to print, directly? That the track channel can be right-clicked and it generates offline audio (a kind of render-in-place for groups) from the group.

A.2 - It is important to be able to disable groups, I understand that sometimes they have child tracks that the groups use, it is important to be able to disable them to free up resources, especially if the audio track has already been printed.

A.3 - create some kind of special folder (like a “space” folder type), that allows you to disable all channels in that folder, so you can use it to have for example “pre-production space”, “production space”, “record space”, “mix space”, “analog sum space”, “master space”. The objective is to be able to work on different work phases but with the possibility of going back to the previous aspects if something has not turned out as the client or the song requires it, without the need to change the software or session.

A.4 - Possibility of turning a mono track into a stereo track. Sometimes I’m wrong or at the time I thought the track was necessary in mono but then I need to convert it to stereo to be able to work the opening of the image in the mix.

A.5 - sometimes the software hangs and sometimes it doesn’t do the autosave every 5 minutes as I programmed it, is there a way to write a temporary file every 5 operations that when the program restarts it identifies that there were operations not executed that Could they be deployed to the last saved session? In our business, losing decisions is serious and many times Cubase fails, making me lose time.

A.6 - This is basic, when you have many channels you easily get lost in which horizontal channel you are working, could you enable the background color of the entire selected channel (not just the track header) to change color to always be able to see What track are you working on?

A.7 - Could you get the channel clipping to activate on the avid S3 as well? updating its integration with EuCon, so that the colors of the Cubase console are compatible.

A.8 - Could you fix the integration with the track tempo? because if the channel is altered after the session was recorded everything moves out of place making me lose time. Especially in modern music where now changing time in the middle of the song is something basic and very frequently used… just this requirement has made me think about switching to another software. But I love Cubase.

A.9 - The media bay, it is important to make urgent improvements, such as that a sample “loop” can be played in half or twice the time to be able to test loops when we are composing a song and producing. Only this option is super important and basic in times when people use loops from other providers, like “splice” or “vengueance”, or even for their own loops. transpose too

A.10 - Could you add a quick function so that the key (scale) can be extracted from an audio segment? Something similar to the Auto-Key of antares. Maybe it could be an option added to the secondary menu on the audio fragment… also something similar to extract the note from sample portions like the one they incorporated in “Backbone”. Please add this function to sampler track.

A.11 - It would be great if they improved the “beat designer” to be able to make beats via midi with bigger and better tools, the design and usability is poor… maybe they could incorporate a new functionality so that in midis blocks (midi events) you can execute “play in loop” of the block without having to play the whole song.

Continue adding more requests in the next phase within this same document.


Sounds like something that the Export Audio dialog can do already. Select the desired group channel there instead of the Master Out.

Why don’t you just create a normal folder for that?
Disabling all tracks in a folder would still be done by selecting the tracks and then disabling them. Maybe it is possible to create a macro or PLE setting for this to be done with a key command.

Autosave works as long as there is no playback and/or recording going on. So, as soon as you stop playback your project gets saved if the 5 minutes since the last save are passed.

Would this be helpful?

esa posivilidad ya existe y de echo la opcion separar canales va mucho mas aya, y si solo deceas convertir entre formatos puedes hacerlo en funciones de audio

A.8 - what’s your issue here? Can you explain it further? … I have never had any issues changing tempos.