Cubase Advice before buy


I want to buy cubase Pro 8.5 but i have questions about before.

Actually i must work on cubase 5 project, is it possible to load this v5 project on cubase v8.5 ?

In addition, i have 1 home pc with an older DD: it contains all my installed tools and i want install my new cubase on another DD (my new ssd).
On my home pc i have not internet connection but i can install cubase on my new ssd with another computer that have internet connection(in studio of my friend).

When i go back my home, if i run my cubase on my home pc … is cubase will be full functional ?

thanks for response & sorry my bad english :unamused:

There shouldn’t be any problem loading your cubase 5 projects in Cubase 8 although apparently there is the odd bit of conflict and some older plugins may not work properly: the compatibility chart is here:

As far as I understand, the licence is contained on the dongle, so there’s no problem having it installed on more than one computer, but you are only licensed to use one copy at a time and need to take the dongle with you between computers.

As far as I know, off-line registration is possible as well so you should be ok, if I’m wrong about this someone should be able to (probably will!) correct me fairly quickly :slight_smile:


With a cubase 8.5 license you can install any cubase.

1.You can install cubase 5 , cubase 6, cubase 7, cubase 8 and any older version.
2.You can save cubase on a memorystick or so and take it to your pc.
3.if you want to have all your tools etc. and do not want to reinstall, make a clone with Acronis or similar HD cloning software.


This is true. But if you are initially installing on your friend’s PC with an internet connection, then the easiest thing to do would be to authorize the license on your dongle while using that machine. Then when you move the dongle/license to your PC it will run fine there once you have the elicenser software installed.

Don’t forget that you can’t save the files you’ve opened in Cubase 8 as Cubase 5 compatible versions, once you’ve saved them in Cubase 8 you won’t be able to open them in Cubase 5, so keep that in mind if it might be an issue later on :wink:

Good point. Work on a copy & not the original, even if you think right now you won’t ever need the C5 version. Cubase cpr files are not very big (althought the associated audio files might be) so you don’t gain much by limiting the number you have.

thanks for usefull response :smiley:

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