Cubase advice in Islington, London

Putting a call out for a competent Cubase 7 upwards and mac user who lives in Islington, London for occasional technical help.

I seem to be going around in circles and would love someone to set up my studio so that it is all working and i can get on with composing!

Here’s hoping

I’m in West London with Cubase7 and a modicom of common sense, what are you having trouble with?

Thouroughly enjoyed Compound eye, right up my street.

Thanks, most of my contemporary classical is not online yet, so looking forward to doing that soon!

Just general setting up of a workable studio. Need to re-install Halion and get all my paths sorted. Find a way of organizing media bay. Learning about MIDI, Groove Agent, Loopmash…basically how to use cubase!



I would still love to find someone to help me on an occasional basis locally in Islington, London

Any cubase - wise people out there?

i can then stop using this forum as frequently!


You might find it worthwhile to checkout the selection of Groove3 training videos. If you got an All Access Pass for a month or two you could watch a lot during that time. But you can see their titles and watch samples for free.

Good luck getting up to speed. And don’t shy away from asking specific questions on the forums.

If you do a search on the forum before posting, then you’re using it wisely and not asking questions that have already been asked. So therefore using the forum frequently is also helping others with solutions and ideas to things not posted before:-)
In that respect you’re doing us all a possible favour by using the forum.
I also agree with Raino that Groove 3 have some very helpful videos on Cubase. Some of them seem to be plodding along a bit, but you realise that hey, these are really good.
Good luck with sorting things out.

Have you tried the Sound on Sound crew? One of their regular features is helping people set up their home studios. Can’t hurt to try maybe!

If you pay my travel and give me a roof and food i will take a week off to get u settled in…

Oh, nvm, im on pc:p

Try TonyB of this forum - he lives just outside north London, but maybe can help (and is the best) . I know he has a few things on at present though

Thanks so much for all the replies will check out TonyB and Groove 3…my studio is up and running at last - so lots of work ahead to learn it all
And ggc i have no idea what you are talking about!


Nevermind i’m on pc - geddit
I thought it was some sort of DaVinci code

Settle down with the Steinberg Videos on Utube. Get otu the manual, try soem test projects, take oyur time enjoy :smiley:

I provide professional Cubase tuition at all levels, and I specialise on PC. If you’re interested then drop me a message.


You mean in person, or online (ie SKYPE, remote-access)?


I can do remote teaching, but face-to-face is much more productive.

Wallasey is not so far for me. If you’re interested I can send you some details.

Thanks Elf,

Oh really? So where are you please? BIRKENHEAD?! lol

I just assumed you were in North London (hence the discussion on this thread)…



Don’t know my Birkenhead from my north London, but am familiar with The Elf from SOS forums. Based on the help I’ve seen him give there, and the professional respect he is given by power engineers/producers, I would definitely consider checking into his offer of assistance.

Hi Alexis,

Thanks a lot mate.

We actually call it BROKEN-head here! It’s quite a vibrant town to say the least! lol

I have a WEALTH of issues/questions that are totally doing my head in. :open_mouth: Have been trying to sort them all out via various forums etc for about 18 x months now. I have actually got to the point though where I am considering jacking it all in because it seems to have dragged on for so long. The stuff I want to do, learn, and hook up is not difficult technically (I would say), but I am still a newbie in this medium so it is difficult trying to keep up and learn the technology. Anyway, I am not wishing to sound bitter here or anything but rather just letting you know my current feelings.

But of course it would be very good if someone could assist me. Forums are great of course, but if you don’t meet similar musicians for over 2 x years then the whole thing starts getting a bit lonely!



Trying to send you a PM, but it remains stubbornly in my Outbox. Maybe you are set to disallow PMs?

If you don’t get the PM then let me know and we will find a way round it.


Possible because I am on a WARNING and also have been LOCKED OUT of a couple of my threads.

I contacted two Moderators but waiting for a reply.