Cubase AE LE Elements update from 10 to 12 does find license

Hello, with my Cubase LE AI Elements 10 everything worked well (including all eLicenser Control functions). Now, I installed Cubase LE AI Elements 12, uninstalled 10 and updated the eLicenser Control software (Windows 10).

The problem:
Although I see a valid Cubase LE license in eLicenser Control, any attempts to launch Cubase
LE AI Elements 12 fail with message “Steinberg Activation Manager: No license found”.

What is wrong with the installation?


Cubase 12 doesn’t use eLCC anymore. Install Steinberg Activation Manager and activate your Cubase license there, please.

This is interesting Martin, thank you for the reply. Strangely enough, I see my license in eLicenser Control but do not see anything related to it in Steinberg Activation Manager.

My old license was received automatically years ago (when I purchased Yamaha S90ES synthesizer). In 2020 I received a new activation code for it and successfully installed Cubase LE AI Elements 10.


How exactly is the license named in the eLCC, please?

In My Steinberg → My Products I have the following info:
Your eLicenser with the number 1544107256 1964D21CCE was successfully registered.
This eLicenser contains the following regular product licenses:

  • Cubase LE

Additional info in eLicenser: Soft-eLicenser (SeL.).

All eLicenser Maintenance tasks are performed successfully.


Please, don’t share your eLCC number publicly.

Did you get the license update? If not, you cannot update Cubase.

Side note, I’m wondering you are talking about Cubase LE. With Yamaha device is Cubase AI delivered.

Thanks for the info. No, at that time (buying the new Yamaha S90ES) the LE was granted, not AI.
In Oct. 7, 2020 Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH updated my license and sent me the Activation Code. I used this license until Cubase 12 was issued.


Cubase 12 doesn’t use eLCC anymore. It’s using the Steinberg Activation Manager.