Cubase AI 10 new computer activation

Hi !

I’m facing a problem : I have a new PC and decided to install Cubase AI 10 with my code, but the Elicenser program tell me it’s already activated on another computer… No surprise, BUT, the real problem is : I can’t reach my MySteinberg account anymore fix it…
When I press the “change password” link, I dont get any mail with the code to copy/paste…

Any ideas?



Please double-check your spam folder. If you cannot find the email there, you have to get in contact with official Steinberg Support to reset the password.


Thank you for your answer, i’ve already double-check my spam folder and have no response from the official Steinberg Support…

… do you have any other advice?


Call the Steinberg support.

I cant reach Steinberg by phone too… :neutral_face:

up… :neutral_face:

wich country?


Ok so I think i will have to buy a new licence… :confused: