Cubase AI 10 Re-activation not working

Hi there!
Can someone please tell me why isn’t my Cubase AI 10 license on MySteinberg account so I can re-activate it?
This is extremely frustrating and I need it to work. Why does the download and licensing process have to be such a pain?
Also, I’ve asked for support 9 days ago and still don’t have an answer. This is making want to scream.

If you can’t see your license here:

It’s possible that you’re either logged in using the wrong MySteinberg account, or that you never registered your software. If you never registered Cubase, you can still do so by clicking “Register eLicenser / software” and entering your activation code.

Note that Cubase AI users can update to Cubase AI 12 for free, which uses the new Steinberg Licensing system. Please check your email addresses for a Download Access Code. If you did register Cubase correctly in the past, this will be sent to the same email address that you used to register.

Hi! I appreciate your answer but it doesn’t help.
I definitely used this e-mail, it’s the only one I got. And I definitely registered the software cause I used it for 2 years.
My e-licenser doesn’t show any of my softwares, so when I add it to the MySteinberg account, it’ll allow me to add it, but it shows no software.
The activation code I got in my e-mail doesn’t work cause I can only use it once.
I’m getting really frustrated. Plus, the fact that no one from Steinberg support is giving me a hint of what’s going on, is really upseting. Also, all the post about this issue that I’ve seen in the forum seem to be unanswered. I just feel like they’re mocking me.