Cubase AI 10 with Motif XS6 as midi keyboard

how do i use my motif xs 6 just to use midicontroller with cubase ai10


Just plug it in via USB. The device will most probably appear as a MIDI Input, and you can use it. If you make sure you are not sending out any sound from your Motif, set the Local Control to Off on Motif. Once you are going to use Motif as a synth again, don’t forget to switch the Local Control On again.

Well I got it working. I had to go into utilities on the motif then press F5 and change the interface to midi. Which I thought strange because my ur22 mk2 is a usb interface…Now when I open up Cubase ai10 i get this prompt:
Some content could not be loaded. Either licenses are missing or trial licenses have expired:
Allen morgan signature drums
vst3 presets for Flux
MPE sounds Retrolouge
MPE sounds Padshop

What is this???


If you don’t connect your keyboard via USB to the computer but you connect it via MIDI to UR22, then yes indeed you have to set the keyboard to MIDI. In Cubase you will get the incoming MIDI date from UR22 MIDI port.

For the other issue search the forum first, please. If you don’t find a solution, create a new thread.