Cubase ai 11 when I try to record keyboard and voice it doesn’t work

I downloaded everything right but when I try to record keyboard and voice it doesn’t work.
Is this because I received for free when I bought a cubase version that it works only with this kind of keyboard (I try with another Yamaha) or something else ?
For other things it works.
Nb : I use Scarlett solo 3rd generation

Thank you

No it should work. You need to explain exactly how you are doing it. Are you recording midi and audio or trying to record both audio. If you have chosen the solo as your audio device then Cubase can only use one audio interface so it won’t record audio from your keyboard usb and the Scarlett interface at the same time. Options are plug mono out into Scarlett instrument in or just record midi and let that play back the keyboard. You would still need to put into the Scarlett though to monitor or get a small mixer.

Hi mkok

I have scarlett solo 3rd generation and cubase ai elements 11 (updated)
I configured everything in studio but nothing is recording.
PS I listen everything in my hears through focusrite but it is not recording
I don t know what to do


Please, provide more information, what is your expectation. Also screenshot of the Studio > Audio Connections > Inputs might help.

Do you want to use a sounds from your hardware (Yamaha) or virtual instruments? Where did you connect the microphone? Does the microphone need phantom power, did you enable it, if needed?


For some reason, you are using Input 1 for Mono In 1 and Mono In 2 in buses. Is your microphone connected to Input 1? Is the Audio track mono? Is the Mono In 1 selected as an input is the Audio track? Is the Record enabled on the track? Is Monitor enabled, if you want to monitor it in real time?


i try



Now, keyboard is recording instead of lyrics. But no news about the microphone I send you a picture

Thank you


Where is the microphone plugged to? And where is the output from your Yamaha hardware plugged to?

is it right ?

Thank you


Where is your microphone plugged to, which input on the hardware, please?

And where is the Yamaha plugged to on the hardware.

Sorry for the disturb,

I could’nt reply because I have reached maximum of answers yesterday.
I don t know where to find this information
It is in automatic with focusrite (I select it and that s all).
PS now the microphone is working but not with the yamaha at the same time.
It’s just a problem of in and out.
Everything is plugged but I don’t know how.
I have tried to add some bus with stereo and mono
Could you still helping me ?

Thank you



The picture is really small… But my guess is, the microphone is connected to the Input 1 and Yamaha to the Input 2.

The microphone is OK, now. But Yamaha cannot be connected this way, if you want to get stereo sound. Input 2 is mono. At this moment, to hear Yamaha, you can add another Mono Audio track and set its input to Mono In 2. Don’t forget to enable the Monitor button. Then, you would hear something from Yamaha, but not both left and right channels.

The only way, how to connect Yamaha properly is to unplug your mic and use 2 cables. One to the Input 1 and the other one to the Input 2. Then you can use Stereo Audio track and the Stereo In.

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Thank you very much Martin
It was very helpful
Now everything is working