Cubase AI 13 on Mac - The two Montage Templates are Missing

Greetings - I was watching some tutorials on setting up Cubase AI 13.0 and there are two helpful templates that normally allow you to seamlessly connect your Montage M8x. The two templates are missing when I open a newly installed Cubase AI 13.0.

The audio templates are all there - Guitar+Piano, Voice+Guitar, etc. But the top two Montage MIDI and Montage Multi Channel Audio are not there. I can create them from scratch but it’s a pain.

I read through some threads here about this but they are very old. I tried deleting the preferences but they didn’t magically appear.

Steinberg driver is the latest, Mac OS Sonoma 14.2.1, connectivity is all working. Thank you for any help you can offer.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

These dedicated templates are installed with the given device driver. Please, make sure, you have full Montage content installed from Yamaha.

Thank you for the response. I’m coming from years working with Logic but thought I’d try Cubase since Yamaha included a copy of AI with the purchase of my Montage.

I had thought I dowloaded everything I needed but perhaps I missed something. I’ll go back to the Yamaha Montage downloads site and see what I may have overlooked.

Just went back through both the Steinberg and Yamaha drivers and they’re all installed. I’ll wait and see if anybody has suggestions here and if not probably will move back to Logic. My copy is a a few years out of date and I thought the integration between Steinberg and Yamaha might make this switch worthwhile - especially with all the Remote DAW and new software for the Montage coming out.

But these kind of issues pretty much just stop the ball rolling, even though it’s small I see it as a precursor of more problems ahead. Almost certain this is user error, but as the user it’s more trouble than it’s worth at the moment.


As the Cubase AI license owner, you are allowed to get the latest version, i.e., Cubase AI 13.

Might have to (re)install the driver after Cubase? It might not install the Cubase templates if it thinks the machine doesn’t have Cubase on it? I had that with some IK Multimedia thing a few years ago.

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Sorry, my response could be read the wrong way. My copy of Logic is three or four years old. My copy of Cubase AI is R13.

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This is a good point. I did install the driver first, and then Cubase. I’ll reinstall the driver. Thank you.

Following up for closure in case somebody does a search on this topic.

I uninstalled and reloaded the Steinberg driver and it didn’t resolve the problem. I painstaking created an audio template using a YouTube video with all of the routing and monitoring and discovered Cubase isn’t for me.

I downloaded a 90-day trial to get the most current version of a competing product. No driver required. Connected the USB to my Montage M8x and clicked MIDI and immediately had connection and recorded the Montage. Clicked on Audio and immediately began recording an external source. Simple. No setting up audio interfaces, no routing per channel, no Midi or driver parameters.

I guess the bottom line is that Cubase probably just wasn’t for me, which is why it’s nice to try a new product every once in a while.

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