Cubase AI 4

Good morning to all of you!

I bought used Yamaha MG166CX-USB-mixer and it works perfectly, but…

I would like to connect it to our bands computer, and install Cubase AI4, but I cannot find it anywhere. I’ve tried to Google it, tried to call to Yamaha distributors, other music companys etc, but I cannot find where to buy or download it.

Or can I buy something else Cubase, such as Cubase Elements 8, and it will recognize this Yamahas mixer, and understands all the channels etc?

Have I understood correctly that if we hook up the band with that mixer and connect the mixer in a computer, Cubase will understand all the different channels etc?

So we could record songs and all of us are in different channels such as:

CH1: Acoustic guitar
CH2: Bass
CH3: Keyboard
CH4: Bass drum
CH5: Snare
CH6: Overhead 1

Please help!

for first: Cubase AI mostly comes with the purchase of one Hardware-product, which not has to be from Steinberg, you can not buy it or buy it for download anywhere. maybe in ebay or second-hand-markets in the internet you´ll find a Cubase AI license to purchase, but´s only, because a customer of an hardware-device, want to sale it particular, what she/he has found in a bundle, what comes with this product.

with every good DAW or Sequencer you can interact with a digital mixer. that´s the way, a digital mixer is ment for. the question is not, if the DAW or Sequencer will recognize your or any Yamaha Mixer, the Question is: is the Yamaha MG166CX a digital mixer? if yes, than of cause it´s possible with any professional DAW or Sequencer.

You can buy, whatever you want. you´re free of choice. :wink: ( it depends on what you want to do and what you need to do with it, that´s even the question, if you choose Cubase Elements, Cubase Artist, Cubase Pro or even other professional Sequencer or DAW.)

So if I have bought used mixer bundled with Cubase, and I dont have the original cd and activation code, it cannot be purchased anywhere anytime?

deon´t understand, what you trying to say exactly.

you´ve purchased a used mixer with used Cubase AI 4?

what did you´ve get exactly when you says with Cubase?

Sorry about bad english and overall stupidity.

What I meant, i bought used mixer without any CDs. Now im trying to get this Cubase AI4 so I could use this product with a program that is meant to work with this mixer. But it seems to be impossible to find legal version of this program.

I would be grateful if I would find even trial-version from AI4 for now.

did you get any licenses or activation-code (even if used) with the purchase?


than it´s dificoult to get the Cubase AI version. :frowning: but do you got another sequencer or DAW? Cubase AI isn´t by the way the best version of Cubase, and also not the 4-version of it.

You understood wrong - with the MG 166 CX-USB, Cubase will recognise 2 channels -Master L and Master R

Pls I need activation code for my brand New Yamaha MG166cx mixer
No activation came with it on purchase.

Pls help urgently. Thanks

please how can i also get the activation code
the leaflet that came with my mixer was written in chinese. i need to get another code
how can you be of help pls