Cubase AI 6 headphone playback (only) problem


I recently acquired the UR22 to start doing some serious business with my guitar, but I’ve run into a problem.
My forum-fu and google-fu are not helping me either :frowning:

I have no playback of my recorded tracks in the headphones connected to the phones jack on the ur22.
I don’t have any speakers to connect to the two outputs on the back yet.

What I do have:

  • Windows 7x64
  • Cubase AI 6
  • Steinberg UR22
  • Shure SM57 in input 1
  • Guitar in input 2
  • Headphones in phones
  • VST Connections (2x mono input from ur22 and 1 stereo ouput, also ur22)
  • Clear indication of recorded input on both inputs (waveforms indicating recorded input)
  • Metronome clicking gladly in headphones
  • Clear monitor sound in headphones (dafuq I just play)
  • Checked all volumes are proper (and although all are close, no peaks into reds)

But I have nothing, except the metronome, when playing back…
Also no sound, when exporting a basic wavefil and letting random media players (that outputs to my onboard soundcard).
I tried changing the vst connection output around, but nothing changed.

I’m I wrong in assuming, that when hearing metronome and monitor clearly, I should also hear playback?
Am I just missing something so simple I’m going to facepalm myself? Judge away :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

Ps. I did read and youtube all kinds of getting started material, but stopped when they had passed the recording part and went into mixing/editing. Too soon?

Disable the tracks´ input monitors on playback.

Oh dear :blush: