Cubase AI 6 output issues

I’m using an Audiogram 6 USB audio interface for the Cubase AI 6 software on Windows 10. I’ve installed the audio interface driver and selected the VST connections. I can hear my guitar (after I turned up the volume on the interface a lot and disabled my headset in Windows sound settings), but it’s making an echo effect between some invisible clean channel and the distortion channel when I monitor. How would I make it so that I can monitor only the distortion channel? I can’t seem to hear my Rock Drum Kit either.


Make sure, you don’t hear the direct signal. If you use Distortion plug-in, this makes a latency on the signal. So if you hear the source audio signal (without latency) and distorted signal (with latency), you get 2 signals, one of them is delayed.

Thank you for your reply!
I discovered that the Audiogram 6 has a Direct Monitoring feature, but this interface will not let you turn it off as it is hard-wired into it. It is handy if you are fully distorting the guitar before the interface, but I wasn’t. This caused the direct signal and more latent plug-in signal to make an echo, as you said. Another issue I happened upon was that the “Phones” jack was not playing in Stereo. However, when I selected “Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver” in VST Audio System, I was able to bypass the Audiogram 6’s Direct Monitoring and use my headphones in Stereo from my PC rather than from my interface. The output latency increased from 13ms to 20ms (it gets much worse if I use my television’s speakers), though I doubt I could find a better way to hook everything up unless I connect some speakers to the interface or use a mic to record a distorted amp. In terms of not hearing the drum track, going to Drum Editor and clicking the note playback button seemed to fix it (even though the button was already on).