Cubase AI 6 / Trouble exporting - What is MP3 Encoder?

I’ve recently got the Cubase LE 6 together with as audio interface i bought (the Komplete 6, by Native Instruments). After activating and registrating it, it now runs as Cubase AI 6. Whatever.

The thing is, after a while of using it, it suddenly stopped exporting my mixdowns to MP3! :open_mouth: I’ve searched for the problem and found out (in the eLicenser Control Center itself) that, though I have unlimited access to use Cubase AI 6, the “MP3 Encoder” validation has expired. I am not sure of what it is but pretty much seems to have something to do with, you know, exporting MP3 files!

First question: Is everything I said alright? I mean, should this really be the problem?

Second Question (if the answer to the first one is “yes”): What should I do now? :astonished: It says I cannot activate it since it has already expired! Is there a way I can buy these “MP3 Encoder”?

Kind of third question: This is a little down the road but anyways, in case I someday decide to move on to Cubase Elements 6 or Cubase 7 or any other, will I have the same situation with this mp3 exporting thing?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Unlimited .mp3 export is only included with the full version of Cubase. For lesser versions you are required to purchase a license …

It sounds like your “trial” license has expired.

Thank you, Scab Pickens! It’s a simple answer but I was really struggling to find it!

You’re welcome.

Another option would be to export as wav and use a freeware wav to mp3 converter outside of Cubase.

I purchased MP3 Encoder and used it. Now it has expired (11/18/2017). I have a receipt and activation code. When I highlight the MP3 Encoder in eLicenser and enter activation code it goes through a process but still remains expired in eLicenser…and ideas??


Try the reactivation procedure and other ideas found here…

Also… even though the license is listed as “expired” does it still work?

Regards :sunglasses: