Cubase AI 7 activation problem

Hi everyone!

About month ago I bought UR22 interface with Cubase 7 AI included. I registered my device on MySteinberg, got activation code for Cubase AI 7. In soft-eLicenser I have activated Cubase and all was fine. Few minutes later I bought in online Steinberg shop a “Cubase Elements 7 from Cubase AI Upgrade” and got new activation code which of course I immediately used. Cubase Elements 7 was working very well.

Today I was forced to do OS reinstall on my MBP. I downloaded Cubase Elements 7.0.80 installer (from and after that I tried to activate it.

First I used my Cubase Elements 7 Activation Code, which did not work, because I should use this on existing, already activated Cubase AI. After that I tried with my Activation Code for Cubase AI 7 and… also it didn’t work. Now, I’m getting this message in eLicenser: “The activation code has been used already. An activation code can be used only once to download or upgrade a license”. Ok, it’s fine, quick google search points me to MySteinberg and “Software Reactivation”. But, suprise! On MySteinberg I see my Cubase AI 7 Activation Code with status: “Not yet activated” and there is no “Software reactivation” button related to this item.

It looks that on eLicenser side my Cubase AI 7 was activated (which is true), but it wasn’t activated on MySteinberg side. I have used my TimeMachine backup and I’m on my old OS with working Cubase Elements 7 on. I’m trying to activate Cubase AI 7 to change activation status on MySteinberg, but it’s not working.

So, what I have to do?

One of the screenshots shows difference between MySteinberg and Soft-eLicenser status (look at Cubase AI 7).

Yes! I am having the same problem. I can’t even get in to AI 7. I’ve been using the Demo version because I keep getting that exact same message every time, that my activation code has been activated already.

I’ve requested tech support, but they haven’t gotten back to me as of yet.
Not Impressed so far.

Have you managed to fix the problem?

Yes, it’s fixed now. I registered new SeL in MySteinberg account and that allows me to generate new Cubase Elements 7 activation code. This new activation code works without any problem (you don’t have to upgrade AI -> Elements, it will activate Elements immediately).