Cubase AI 8 Download Failure

I have been trying to download a copy of Cubase AI 8, bundled with the UR22 Mk 2 Audio Interface for almost two weeks now. I was not able to use a previous version AI 6 bundled with the ZOOM H6 and Cubase LE 6 that came with my Motif XF7. Both of them are not compatible with Yosemite 10.10.2. After several download tries, all of the bundled softwares even stop when it was almost done, with the message “The requested URL not found on this server.” Everybody knows downloading these softwares is a nightmare. The file sizes are not exactly small and the “Resume Downloading” never worked. I just wish the CD that came with these really expensive gears included a full software installer, like they used to.

Thank you Martin Jirsák for the customer support. I really appreciate your help, even if that failed.

Thank you Steinberg for the three useless softwares.



I would like to mentioned, the link I sent you wasn’t link to the Ateinberg server at all. It is 3rd party, completely independent server.

I’m afraid it’s something on your internet provider or computer side. I’m sorry…

Thank you so much for your persistence. Cubase AI 8 is now installed and activated on my Mac. Took me 6 hours to download the newest link you sent, but it was all worth it. I am excited to set this up with my ZOOM H6 and UR22 MK2. Cubase AI 8 will definitely speed up my workflow with the Motif XF7.

Thank you Steinberg for the excellent customer support.

More power to you.