Cubase Ai 8 pitch correction help?

I’m totally new to the world of sound engineering and recording, and I got by so far from researching online. but i couldnt find an answer to this question. how do i access and use the pitch correction took on Cubase ai 8? it came with the ur22 interface.
i just sang a song along to a guitar track i made, but there are couple errors here and there and i wanted to fix those vocal mistakes. thank you

Hi and welcome,

Theremin is no VariAudio in Cubase AI, which you might see on some Cubase video tutorials. This is Cubase Pro only. The only one way, how to correct the Pitch in Cubase AI is to use Pitch Correct Insert effect.

But the result is much better with VariAudio.

You can however upgrade to elements 8 to have an over all pitch correction or you can buy Melodyne and install it. But the VAudio doesn’t come on the AI 8. But some don’t actually need it. It is nice to have when you are working with a tone deaf lead vocalist.