Cubase AI 8 with AKAI MPK mini 2


I’m new to Cubase and wondering which midi keyboard is most compatible (in the range of $100-200).

Would anyone know if the AKAI MPK mini 2 midi keyboard is compatible with Cubase AI 8? Any issues?

Thanks for you help.

Let me rephrase as perhaps nobody is using the AKAI MPK Mini MK2…

I am looking for a MIDI controller that will work with CUBASE that requires the least amount of configuration.
I would like to use this midi device with Halion, EZdrummer, EZkeys.

Are there midi devices that are designed for cubase with templates in the $100-200 range?

Thanks for any help.


I was using the Akai mpk mini mk1.

Worked ok right out of the box as general midi controller.
Just plug and play.
But you will need to map the knobs to quick controls yourself.

If you’re looking for a small portable controller and don’t mind the tiny keys, it’s actually a pretty good choice in that price range.

Thanks for the feedback misohoza!

I’m reading some other threads and it looks like the mk2 may have some compatibility issues with wither Windows 7 and up or Cubase 8. Sounds like it may be more trouble than it’s worth. If anyone can recommend another midi keyboard model that works, that would be appreciated.


After several weeks of struggling, I gave it up. I could not get any MIDI signal in Cubase 8 with my AKAI MPK mini 2. I tried everything I read online but no luck…

Check out this topic. It really helped me setup my Korg nanoKontrol2

Regards :sunglasses:

What a headache. Did you contact AKAI support about the problem, because they claim that it is compatible with Cubase?

What OS are you running for example Win 7 x64?

I have the same issue here, but under Nuendo 7. My AKAI MPK mini 2 does send signal to the DAW since I see midi activity in the transport but it cant control any vst instrument. I have been looking for a solution for a while and cant find anything.
I tried the same setup in Reaper and everything works perfectly but no success in Nuendo.

Hi, did you find a keyboard controller that works out of the box? I ordered the Akai MPK mini mkii, but now I am nervous as I discovered that Akai created xml mapping files for their full size controllers, but not the mini. Since I am new to DAWs, MIDIs, controllers, etc, there is no way I can use the Akai editor to map to cubase since I don’t know what any of that means. I got anxiety reading the FAQs. I want to use Cubase AI 8 to write songs and narrate my photo vids.

Appreciate it if you can share which controller you eventually purchased and whether it worked out the box. Thanks.