Cubase AI 8 zip file is broken

Hi folks

It should be evident by now that there is a serious problem with the download link for the Windows version of AI 8. I’ve tried downloading it 3 times now and every time it stops at 1.48 Gb. There’s nothing wrong with my internet connection and other posts show this isn’t just happening to me.

I got the download link with a Yamaha THR10C. The handbook for that tells me I should have had a DVD in the box but the shop that sold it says Yamaha don’t include the dvd anymore as it’s easier to keep the software up to date if they give a download link instead. Frankly, that idea falls flat if the link doesn’t work and I would rather have an older version of the software than none at all.

I would appreciate some help with this.

I’ve got the same problem - I’ve tried downloading both Mac and PC versions and they both stop downloading before they get to the full size.

Have you managed to find a workaround?

Same thing for me.Got the ur242 and I tried to download Cubase AI 8 and it stops at 1.16GB.That’s with chrome.
I tried explorer and it works fine.It did stop but because explorer has the pause/resume option I just resumed the download and it finished.